• First Day of Preschool

    Preschool for Indiana

    Why do I always think things will be easier the second time around? Maybe the rest of life has conditioned me to believe that with practice I will get better at something. Mostly, it’s true but being a mama isn’t like anything else in this life. It’s harder. It’s messier. It’s just more. More everything. Good. Bad. Ugly. Beautiful. Sad. Elating. Just…everything. Always more. Indy started preschool this week. He’s got his own backpack and we went to Target to pick out a new shirt for his first day. Yes. He insisted on a long sleeve shirt. Yes, it was 83 degrees and about as humid as you’d expect in…

  • Quack Daddy Donuts

    And then he was 3

    Indiana,You are three. How quickly this world turns. It’s hard to explain in regular, old words how bittersweet your birthday really is. Maybe someday you’ll have babies of your own. Then you’ll know how it feels to live in the space where everything makes you proud and sad in equal parts. As your babes learn to crawl, and then walk, and then run, each new step taking them farther from you. You run and jump and climb with such enthusiasm, I know you are destined for great things and big adventures on which I won’t be able to follow. For now, it’s one of my greatest privileges to explore with…

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