• Coronavirus homeschool rescources
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    Coronavirus School Cancellation Resources for Parents

    They made the official Coronavirus school cancellation call here last night. As of 3:40pm on March 13th, we are officially in e-learning/homeschool mode for at least a month. While we are lucky I work from home, school cancellations add a whole new level of responsibility for parents as far as not only educating kids but all entertaining them. As a former librarian, I know how important it is to keep little minds busy during scary times. And as a mom, I know I can’t be the only one panicking about being locked up with all of my kids for over a month. I’ve compiled a list of resources to help…

  • Midwest Spring Flowers
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    Signs of Spring

    “The spiders are back.” I’m standing on our neighbor’s porch, mug of coffee in hand, swiveling back and forth to check my own front door for any sign of trouble at home.  It’s a bit after three o’clock and the breeze is picking up like it does every day around this time but even with the wind it’s still warm for February. The spider scurries away and she moves to crush it but I stop her. “Don’t. They eat the mosquitoes. ” She laughs, giving me a look, a reminder that I am a square peg making no attempt to fit through a round hole. She lets it live, because…

  • Halloween candy
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    Halloween 2019

    Remember that little glimpse of fall we got? Well that was pretty much fall. It went from 90 to 35 with just a few beautiful crisp days in between. By the time Halloween 2019 rolled around it was snowing. Personally I consider snow in October unthinkable but apparently also a reality when you live in the Midwest. Guy and my mom took turns decking our house out with all kinds of light and decor, both cute and creepy. We had taken a night the weekend before Halloween to carve our pumpkins. Before we went out in the cold and wet, we had some friends from the neighborhood over for a…

  • Fall In Indiana
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    A Flash of Fall

    Yesterday was our first little glimpse into the coming fall. Of course we are still nearly a month out from the season’s official start but yesterday was the first truly crisp morning. The first time I turned back in to grab a sweatshirt from the coat rack. Fall in Indiana doesn’t come all at once. It’s gradual, so soft-footed I often don’t realize it’s settled in until I find myself reaching for the clothes that have slowly migrated to the far back of the closet thanks to the hot, damp days July and August bring. It sort of starts with one tree. Color catching and jumping down the road, a…

  • midwest flower field
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    Camp Cousin 2019

    Every year the week before 4th of July, our motley city-kid crew descends on my cousin’s farm. As we pull into their tree-lined drive we might as well be slipping through the back of the wardrobe and into Narnia. Before we’re even parked, our kids spill out racing to meet their cousins and pull bikes from the garage for a spin around the circle drive. The 160 acres in rural Michigan is the closest thing to heaven on Earth. My cousin and her husband raise goats and cows. Along with the herds they tend, their property is home to a goofy chocolate lab named Yeti who always has something half…

  • Indiana Spring Flowers
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    Spring Sprang Sprung

    Finally, the days are getting longer and birds are chirping us awake in the morning. The trees are a blur of white blossoms and the grass that demands our weekly attention all summer is sprouting up begging for a trim. As scared as I am to say this, for fear of jinxing the entire state of Indiana back into the ice age, the weather has turned decidedly nice. After two false starts, complete with enough snow to send our sun-starved family into an emotional tailspin, I think it is safe to say it’s officially spring in the Midwest We’re counting this as our first official Indiana spring. Yes, we were…

  • Snow baby
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    Snow Adrift

    I spent most of the summer and all of the fall dreading this winter’s first snowfall. If you talked to me in the weeks following Hank’s arrival you probably heard me complain about how ill-prepared I was for winter. In reality, the winter clothes had already been vetted and I bought the kids their snow bibs a size big last year so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except remembering where I’d stashed them. What I meant was I wasn’t prepared for the weight of it to strip the last brown leaves from the branches leaving endless miles of bare trees and barren corn fields. I’ve loved the snow,…

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