• mini schnauzer
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    My Dog is Dying

    When the calendar reminder pops up letting me know it’s time to call and schedule our dogs’ annual checkup, my anxiety starts to tick up, increasing as the day draws nearer. Not only is Sadie a barker but Scout is protective to a fault. So much so that she tries to eat the vet if I’m in eye shot. Every single appointment requires a continual string of apologizes spilling out of me from the moment we walk in the door to the moment I get dragged back to the car. Strangely, this time my litany of I’m sorrys was met with one from the vet because, well, my dog is…

  • grain free dog treats
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    Homemade Pumpkin Parsley Dog Biscuits

    Our animals are spoiled. The guinea pigs live in a cage large enough to be considered a full on chateau. The dogs sleep in our bed. Sadie at the foot and Scout up on my pillow around my head like a night cap. We treat them as best we can and part of that is minding the food they eat. While, I can’t always keep Hank from dropping 90% of the food we give him on the floor or get to it before the dogs, we try to make sure Sadie doesn’t end up with wheat or corn anything because she’s allergic to them. They are on a special diet…

  • Tricolor Guinea Pig
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    A Tale of Two Guineas

    Whenever life gets kind of hectic, I decide to add an animal to my life. My brother’s leukemia relapsed I needed a puppy. When I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with my daughter, we adopted a dog. This time life with three kids, two dogs, and one husband wasn’t enough so we ended up with not one but two guinea pigs. About a month ago we welcomed Dixie and Fiona to our crew and they’ve been an entertaining addition. They eat constantly, munching on whatever they can get their teeth on, and wheek and run around the cage flinging bedding all over the place every time someone opens the…

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