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Food Goals for a New Year

Guy and I work opposite shifts. I’m the sun and he’s the moon. During the day, I play with our kids. I change diapers and sing the ABCS, teach myself common core so I can help my 4th grader with her math. Rewash each load of laundry several times before I get a chance to throw it in the dryer.  At night when he’s here doing bath time and bedtime, loading the dishwasher and shooshing a teething baby, I’m trying to be a writer.

It means that our meals are sometimes rushed, with one parent scrambling to keep everyone seated and happy while the other sneaks off with their plate to finish something ahead of a looming deadline. Despite our hectic nights and weekends, both of us have expressed a desire to eat more intentionally. For us that means paying attention to what we are feeding our kids and taking note of where our food is coming from. These are our food goals for 2020.

Make more from scratch.

We make pretty much all out meals from scratch already but I want to get to a point where all our bread, crackers, and bagels are homemade instead of out of a box. This month, we’ll be doing some tests for crackers, homemade cheezits and/or goldfish, and bagels to see if we can make our own and add that to our weekly chores.

Try unfamiliar flavor combinations.

My kids are great eaters. They eat spicy food, they eat veggies, beg for curry and soup and salads but if I’m being real, which I am, I’m the one that has flavor combinations I tend to gravitate too. I know that means I’m missing out on a lot of amazing recipes so I really would like to branch out and cook up some food that pushes me out of my cooking comfort zones.

eating better

Grow something.

Last night we got our first taste of lettuce we picked from our tiny greenhouse. Somehow it’s managed to survive the winter thus far, which I have to admit has been mild for us here in central Indiana, and everyone was so excited. We have a tiny yard and are limited by the HOA rules (for now…although we may have an exciting update about that sometime in the near future) but we’ve all doubled down on the idea of growing more of what we eat.

Harper and I just started researching what’s good for beginning gardeners and people without a lot of space.  Stick around for our findings and results as we fumble around trying not to let everything die.

Support ethical farmers.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you I have mixed feelings about eating meat. There is a reason we have two dogs and four guinea pigs and none of them have anything to do with Guy with the exception of his decade long patience with my critter obsession. I don’t see veganism or vegetarianism being sustainable for us but I also know factory farming is not sustainable for the planet, so when the meat in our freezer is used us, we are planning to source all our meat from a local farm that pasture raises their animals without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We believe it’s better for the animals and better for us. It’s also a way for us to support real people instead of large corporations.

Continue meal planning.

Planning our meals has been really beneficial for us, both from a health perspective and a financial one. Instead of rushing through the drive thru we have a meal (and usually a less work intensive backup) in the fridge or freezer. I’m also going to start a breakfast and lunch rotation in February and see how that goes over with the kids. Lunch tends to be the meal we struggle with for the school crowd, work crowd, and home crowd.

Do you have any food goals for this year?


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