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Halloween 2019

Remember that little glimpse of fall we got? Well that was pretty much fall. It went from 90 to 35 with just a few beautiful crisp days in between. By the time Halloween 2019 rolled around it was snowing. Personally I consider snow in October unthinkable but apparently also a reality when you live in the Midwest. Guy and my mom took turns decking our house out with all kinds of light and decor, both cute and creepy. We had taken a night the weekend before Halloween to carve our pumpkins.

halloween 2019

Before we went out in the cold and wet, we had some friends from the neighborhood over for a dinner party. My mom was in town so she took it to the next level with festive streamers. We went way overboard on the treats. Cookies, cupcakes, and candy even though we were about to drag all the kids out to knock on stranger’s doors to beg for more sugar laden treats. We also made up ham, baked potatoes will all the good stuff on top, and some broccoli so the kids weren’t in complete sugar meltdown mode by 7 o’clock.

We kind of go back and forth on family costumes. In the past we’ve done the Addams Family, the Scooby Gang, Adventure Time, and Pokemon but this year we did a mix. Harper was Elsa from Frozen. Hank was Sven and I was Olaf. Guy just wanted to wear something warm so he didn’t participate and Indy was adamant he would would only settle for a red power ranger costume. If you follow us on Instagram, you got to see me in a onesie and a good picture of Harper.

Yeah, the video isn’t great but look at those big, fat flakes floating down. Even I couldn’t deny that it was pretty. Beautiful or otherwise it still made trick-or-treating more a chore than anything, even for the kids who were determined they weren’t turning around until those buckets were overflowing. Even my California babies were willing to brave it. I guess that candy’s siren song was strong.

Since our friends have a brand new beautiful baby girl, as in five days new, they headed home with their youngest two and we took Grey with us out in the yuck. There weren’t many other kids braving the cold so while most houses were shuttered for the night, the ones with candy were generous. The little boys only lasted about half and hour so Guy took them home to warm up but the older two finally tapped out after about an hour out in mid-twenty temps and got plenty of candy to last them until they forget about it and we throw it out next year when we dig the baskets off the top of the fridge for next year.

trick or treating

I’m calling Halloween 2019 a success because we got a lot of free candy, our house was the best decorated house on the block, the kids were happy and we got to check off First snowy Halloween off our Midwest list.


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