• alcona county Michigan
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    Up North Autumn

    Every time my mom comes to visit, she convinces me we need to take a Michigan road trip.  Despite the fact one visit put us right in the middle of a full on snowstorm. And I’ll skip the details on the trip that left us with two weeks of the stomach flu and started less than five minutes after we started our six hour drive home. We all pile in the car and drive for double the hours it should take us to get there. We pull over for every gas station, McDonald’s drive thru, and rest stop between here in there and always make at least one side of…

  • dairy free french toast recipe
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    Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie French Toast

    After our snowy Halloween the weather has stayed pretty cold and we even got a few inches of beautiful fluffy white snow for the kids to play in. We’re still enjoying the autumn flavors even though we kind of skipped it here in Central Indiana.  French toast has always been a staple in our house but right now it’s Dairy free French toast. It’s quick I always keep my fridge and my pantry stocked with everything we need to make it, everyone eats it and the leftovers make for great freezer breakfasts we can heat up quickly on hectic mornings. This version adds in some fall spirit in the form…

  • Halloween candy
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    Halloween 2019

    Remember that little glimpse of fall we got? Well that was pretty much fall. It went from 90 to 35 with just a few beautiful crisp days in between. By the time Halloween 2019 rolled around it was snowing. Personally I consider snow in October unthinkable but apparently also a reality when you live in the Midwest. Guy and my mom took turns decking our house out with all kinds of light and decor, both cute and creepy. We had taken a night the weekend before Halloween to carve our pumpkins. Before we went out in the cold and wet, we had some friends from the neighborhood over for a…

  • Monthly Meal Plan
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    How to Save Money with a Well-Stocked Pantry and our November Meal Plan

    Last month I shared how we feed our family of five (plus two dogs and three guinea pigs) on $400 a month along with what we had on our dinner calendar for October. This month I want to talk a little bit about how we use our pantry to save money and inspire our monthly meal plan. At the very bottom is a list of our dinners for the entire month of November. This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase any of these items through our link we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Planning from the Pantry Keeps Food from Expiring For years I…

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