Fall In Indiana
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A Flash of Fall

Yesterday was our first little glimpse into the coming fall. Of course we are still nearly a month out from the season’s official start but yesterday was the first truly crisp morning. The first time I turned back in to grab a sweatshirt from the coat rack.

Fall in Indiana doesn’t come all at once. It’s gradual, so soft-footed I often don’t realize it’s settled in until I find myself reaching for the clothes that have slowly migrated to the far back of the closet thanks to the hot, damp days July and August bring. It sort of starts with one tree. Color catching and jumping down the road, a wave of yellow and orange, until summer’s last green leaf turns.

This year the part of me that’s ready for pumpkin spice and hoodies, Halloween costumes and apple picking, for lots of rainy days snuggled up reading through our extensive children’s library is being overpowered. Completely overshadowed by the part of me that’s incredibly ill-prepared for the days growing shorter at both ends. Not at all braced for the winter that follows when the first snow comes and pulls everything down leaving sharp, stark lines.

For now we are still leaning into summer barbecues; the too warm afternoons as the kids spray each other with the hose and jump in the trampoline. Soaking up as much sunshine as we can before the gloom settles and rushing to finish up as much of the summer bucket list as we possibly can before we start a new season, and a new list.



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