• Fall In Indiana
    Insights and Anecdotes,  Midwest Living

    A Flash of Fall

    Yesterday was our first little glimpse into the coming fall. Of course we are still nearly a month out from the season’s official start but yesterday was the first truly crisp morning. The first time I turned back in to grab a sweatshirt from the coat rack. Fall in Indiana doesn’t come all at once. It’s gradual, so soft-footed I often don’t realize it’s settled in until I find myself reaching for the clothes that have slowly migrated to the far back of the closet thanks to the hot, damp days July and August bring. It sort of starts with one technicolor tree. Color catching and jumping down the road,…

  • Pacific Ocean
    Insights and Anecdotes

    Why We Moved

    We spent what was supposed to be our last night in San Diego at the emergency room. I was only two and a half months pregnant and it looked very much like this pregnancy was going to end the way the last two had. With failure and heartache and a lot of questions no one had really been able to give us any answers to. My parents watched Harp and Indy in a now completely empty house, trying their best to entertain them with the toys we’d left unpacked for the first few days in Indiana and the trek across the space between it and California. Four hours later they…

  • First Day of Preschool

    Preschool for Indiana

    Why do I always think things will be easier the second time around? Maybe the rest of life has conditioned me to believe that with practice I will get better at something. Mostly, it’s true but being a mama isn’t like anything else in this life. It’s harder. It’s messier. It’s just more. More everything. Good. Bad. Ugly. Beautiful. Sad. Elating. Just…everything. Always more. Indy started preschool this week. He’s got his own backpack and we went to Target to pick out a new shirt for his first day. Yes. He insisted on a long sleeve shirt. Yes, it was 83 degrees and about as humid as you’d expect in…

  • Tricolor Guinea Pig

    A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

    Whenever life gets kind of hectic, I decide to add an animal to my life. My brother’s leukemia relapsed I needed a puppy. When I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with my daughter, we adopted a dog. This time life with three kids, two dogs, and one husband wasn’t enough so we ended up with not one but two guinea pigs. About a month ago we welcomed Dixie and Fiona to our crew and they’ve been an entertaining addition. They eat constantly, munching on whatever they can get their teeth on, and wheek and run around the cage flinging bedding all over the place every time someone opens the…

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