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    Oh Harp,By some unexplained time warp or black hole or something equally complicated, you’re nine. Nine years ago, you that made me a mama and it changed the trajectory of my life forever. I’ve thanked you for it a million times before but I haven’t expressed gratitude for your eternal patience with me as I grow up alongside you. You’re the guinea pig, kid. Every thing I know about being a parent, you taught me. Every day with you is…new. Uncharted territory through which I’m floating with only your reactions and honesty to guide me. Constantly seeking an equilibrium and often failing, too much of something and not enough of…

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    Camp Cousin 2019

    Every year the week before 4th of July, our motley city-kid crew descends on my cousin’s farm. As we pull into their tree-lined drive we might as well be slipping through the back of the wardrobe and into Narnia. Before we’re even parked, our kids spill out racing to meet their cousins and pull bikes from the garage for a spin around the circle drive. The 160 acres in rural Michigan is the closest thing to heaven on Earth. My cousin and her husband raise goats and cows. Along with the herds they tend, their property is home to a goofy chocolate lab named Yeti who always has something half…

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