Midwest Couple wedding

Dear Guy

Ten years ago today we got married. We were really young. I was literally days out of college and you were working your first real job. It rained and all the curls fell out of my hair before we even got to the church but my feet didn’t hurt at the end of the night and we made it to the airport on time. Most of it went right, some of it went wrong, and I think maybe that’s the best way to sum us up. 80 out of a 100 is, as we always say, good enough.

We are very different people than we were that day. You are more responsible. I’m nicer. You are more confident. I am more content. You’re more punctual and I’m less mad when you’re late. You have a beard. I’ve got a badass, 8-inch scar. You’re Daddy and I’m Mama and these are all good things. Loving you made me better and I like to think the pendulum swings in both directions.

This life is not easy but it is sweet and I’d do it all again. Every good day and every bad one. Every misstep, every detour. Every road trip, every utility bill, every baby even the ones we never got to meet. Every stupid fight. Every no nose goes. Every dad joke.Every water tower. Every Disney day. Every dinner (even that quiche you won’t let me forget). Every bath night. Every foot rub. Every annual viewing of all three Austin Powers movies. Every beer. Every bottle of whiskey. Every cross country move. Every kitchen makeout session. Every afternoon “nap”. Every trash can picture. Every porch talk. Every minute of public radio. Every dirty sock that didn’t make it in the damn hamper.

It’s always been you. It’ll always be you. Cheers, to these 10 and how every many more the universe gifts us.C


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