• Indiana Spring Flowers
    Midwest Living

    Spring Sprang Sprung

    Finally, the days are getting longer and birds are chirping us awake in the morning. The trees are a blur of white blossoms and the grass that demands our weekly attention all summer is sprouting up begging for a trim. As scared as I am to say this, for fear of jinxing the entire state of Indiana back into the ice age, the weather has turned decidedly nice. After two false starts, complete with enough snow to send our sun-starved family into an emotional tailspin, I think it is safe to say it’s officially spring in the Midwest We’re counting this as our first official Indiana spring. Yes, we were…

  • Happy Baby black and white

    Hank’s Half

    The other night Hank went to sleep and woke up the next morning closer to his first birthday that he was to the day he was born. It’s been a whole beautiful, crisp autumn and an entire dark, frigid winter. Still, it’s clear nothing pays better testament to time’s unforgiving metronome than a baby. The speed at which they go from brand new to someone all their own is astonishing, even with our third as it was with our first. He’s my kid so obviously he lives to eat. His fondness for food, especially peas and scrambled eggs, is surpassed only for his love of the boob. When he wants…

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