• Snow baby
    Midwest Living

    Snow Adrift

    I spent most of the summer and all of the fall dreading this winter’s first snowfall. If you talked to me in the weeks following Hank’s arrival you probably heard me complain about how ill-prepared I was for winter. In reality, the winter clothes had already been vetted and I bought the kids their snow bibs a size big last year so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except remembering where I’d stashed them. What I meant was I wasn’t prepared for the weight of it to strip the last brown leaves from the branches leaving endless miles of bare trees and barren corn fields. I’ve loved the snow,…

  • our new house

    A Clean Slate

    A year ago today we rolled into Indianapolis. Rolled might be the wrong word. Rather, we limped. Exhausted and damp, still recovering from the Oklahoma ice storm of 2018 that had left every last nerve frazzled. One kid puking, another so congested he could barely breathe, the baby in my belly still an uncertainty. A ribbon two thousand miles long stretched taut, separating us from everything familiar and precious. This was the clean slate. Maybe too clean. The house somehow seemed more foreign than any of the hotels we had stumbled into long after dark each night only to leave before the following sunrise. Empty and massive in comparison to…

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